Audiences around the world have enjoyed Steve’s unique blend of insight, humor, innovative ideas, and practical advice—for thought leaders and practitioners who are responsible for delivering information systems.

Steve is a consultant, author, and speaker.

His mission is to help organizations of all sizes take the next step toward delivering true business agility—to promote business evolution.

His deep experience helps audiences think through the ways large-scale enterprise systems must be designed to drive business agility, reliably and securely.

Areas of expertise:Book-Small

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Transforming IT organizations, processes, and systems
  • Enterprise-scale solution design and architecture
  • Solution and product innovation
  • Service-Oriented Architecture

Suggested topics:

  • Breaking Through the Agility Barrier—moving beyond agile development to promote agile business
  • Moving beyond the SDLC to the Solution Lifecycle (SLC)
  • Functional design of large-scale enterprise systems
  • Building a business case for business agility—benefits and costs
  • The Solution Agility Framework
  • Agility enablers and inhibitors
  • Improving systems design and quality
  • Enterprise-scale systems transformation
  • IT strategy to reduce IT failures—building an IT that can adapt and deliver
  • Managing complexity in a large system of systems
  • Moving beyond the SDLC to the Solution Lifecycle (SLC)
  • Adapting legacy systems to an Agile Architecture
  • New opportunities to leverage existing systems (and talent)
  • Legacy systems migrations
  • Right-sizing your services—service granularity as an art form
  • Application-level, relationship-based information security