Steve is the Principal at Firefly Strategic Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in architectures and practices that enhance business agility. With over 30 years in the information systems trenches, his observations, insights, and ideas help his clients create solutions that blow through the agility barrier—to create new and sustainable business value. He’s a trusted advisor for Fortune 100 companies as well as many 
smaller firms


  • Agility Enhancement—Delivering True Business Agility—Agility to the Business Bottom Line
  • Innovative Enterprise-Scale Solution Architecture
  • IT Strategy, Agility, and Transformation
  • Staff Coaching and Training

Specializing in analysis and enhancement of business agility.

Engagements customized to the client’s needs:

  • Agility Readiness Appraisal
  • Solution Design Assessment
  • Enterprise Strategy and Planning
  • Enterprise Solutions and Roadmaps
  • Services Design and Integration
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Thought Leadership / Training / Mentoring