Information Systems Either Inhibit or Accelerate Business Agility.

Choose Wisely.

Breaking Through The Agility Barrier: 

Creating Information Systems that Accelerate Business Evolution

by Steve Laufmann


IT leaders are often trapped between the business demand for rapid changes in their information systems and the strong forces that work to prevent those changes.

Breaking Through the Agility Barrier delivers Insight, Understanding and solid Practical Advice from Steve Laufmann, an expert in agility enhancement, enterprise architecture, and business–IT transformation.




Breaking Through the Agility Barrier offers a deep and honest diagnosis of how and why IT fails:

  • 50-80% of all IT projects fail in some business-critical way.
  • In a recent survey, 75% of business and IT respondents admitted that their systems projects are usually “doomed right from the start”.
  • Failure statistics have remained remarkably consistent for almost 50 years—despite radical changes in technologies, tools, processes, and practices.


Breaking Through the Agility Barrier offers simple yet powerful organizing principles for understanding and addressing these issues:

  • Three Solution Design Principles that generate agility.
  • Four Unavoidable Problems that make agility hard—and what you can do about them.
  • A Solution Agility Framework to define outcomes, measure progress, explore various enablers and inhibitors, find gaps, and plan solutions.

Practical Advice

Breaking Through the Agility Barrier offers practical guidance for IT leaders:

  • Four steps to transforming the IT organization around these principles.
  • Seven Keys to Success.
  • New business opportunities driven by these principles.

Who should read this book?

This book will be of interest to leaders and practitioners of information systems—anyone serving as a thought leader in an organization that delivers working information systems to the business:

  • CIOs, CTOs, and senior IT leadership
  • leaders in groups that rely on information systems in their business
  • those defining business processes and requirements for information systems
  • enterprise architects
  • solution architects, information architects, systems architects
  • systems and software developers

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